I once wrote a poem about a person who had a story regarding his back. Nowadays many have tales tattooed onto their backs. But what about the usage of this word – backstory?

Well, it is appearing more and more frequently and basically means the story behind an item of news or something that appears in the media.

With the backstory, you may get the details of how a writer got to publish his work, how a photographer overcame many difficulties to take a photograph or the poor childhood background of someone who is dripping with money today.  They are often human interest stories: overcoming illness, a chance meeting, the real reasons behind some action.

“There’s a great backstory to the robbery of that painting from the mayoral residence.  It turns out that his mother organised the heist to get revenge for being locked up during his campaign for mayoralty. You would never have guessed it from the smiling faces.  It just goes to show what goes on behind the scenes.”



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