Drop a record

In the days of vinyl records you’d drop one and risked it breaking.  The meaning was literal and the common one of something falling.

There has been quite a bit of fuss in New Zealand lately as our international pop star Lorde has been dropping singles. One a week to date.  In the past, she would have been releasing them which was media talk for making them available to the market.

Several times The Beatles released two singles in the same week and had numerous songs in the chart at once.

Which is a pretty strange use as well. Releasing them from what? Captivity?


Lorde dropped her second single from the upcoming album yesterday, when Liability was posted on Youtube.

Makes it sound like a hen laying eggs onto the straw of the chicken pen.  I wonder how many singles she plans to drop this time around!  And miracle of miracles, male artists can do it too!




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