I love this word. A cute flat fish found in various parts of the world and called flounder at least in Britain, Canada and New Zealand. Delicate to eat and in terms of managing the bones, it is quite straightforward as the central bone holds together. If you look up on the internet, there is quite an interesting fact about one eye migrating to the other side (the one which faces up!) as they tend to live on the sea bed merging into the sandy bottom where possible.

To flounder is a word to describe someone wobbling or struggling, which is perhaps a little mean towards this fish but gives a graphic picture all the same. When you flounder, you find it difficult to control the situation or you act clumsily and without certainty.

The President floundered about unable to answer the opposition’s questions in Congress.


 When the teacher asked Lucy the question she found herself floundering and unable to come up with a coherent answer.


 The players floundered about on the muddy field unable to control the ball.

 In this economic crisis, even well established firms are floundering.


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