There’s no beating a good four-letter word. And rife is just one of those. Not one of the naughty ones, but definitely strong and assertive in a good Saxon one syllable style. Rife, rife, rife!  It just reeks power, doesn’t it?

The meaning is full of, abundant, widespread or any synonym of these words. But, it is usually used negatively as in the following examples:


Corruption is rife in most third world governments making good governance a real challenge.


The bay was rife with mosquitoes which took the fun out of the picnic.

Gossip ran rife that the King was going to abdicate following the scandal with the TV presenter.

 Did you like that new beach resort? Well, not really.  It’s rife with the nouveau riche dripping designer labels and hanging on the arms of their mafia boyfriends.



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