unabashed 1

This is not a word that you see being used or taught very much but it does appear from time to time to describe an attitude of confidence and lack of embarrassment or shame.  It has been in use since the 1570’s.

When Joanna first breast-fed her child on public transport, her action gained the unabashed attention of the passengers around her, as if they had never seen anything like it.

“Yeah, we hid his rucksack in the bushes,” said Kevin unabashed.  “We wanted to teach him a lesson for being such a pain.  How could we know he had his medicine in there?”

Lorilda is quite unabashed when describing her work as a sex-worker.

sex worker

The adverb unabashedly and the noun unabashedness exist but are not so commonly used partly one suspects because of their length and awkward pronunciation.

We also have the word abashed and the origin of all these forms is the Anglo – French verb, abair meaning “to astonish”.