Dimples pimples and wimples


A dimple is a small depression in the cheeks usually seen prominently when someone smiles.  Some people’s dimples can be seen permanently, others when they crease their face up to grin, smile or laugh.  They seem to be held in high regard and you can be considered more attractive for having dimples.


A pimple is not something you wish to get rid of quickly.  It is an inflamed spot on the skin, often on the face and the bane of teenagers’ lives.  Some suffer much more than others from them.


A wimple is an old-fashioned headdress worn by nuns and formerly by some women covering their head and necks.

The only other rhyme for these words seems to be the adjective simple.

Amazingly the poet Alfred Lord Tennyson managed to combine them in a verse of his poem Lilian:

So innocent-arch, so cunning-simple,
From beneath her gathered wimple
Glancing with black-bearded eyes,
Till the lightning laughters dimple
The baby-roses in her cheeks;
Then away she flies. 


Scrub up well


Scrubbing is what you do with a brush and soap and water to remove hard dirt.

Scrubbing up is what surgeons do before going in to operate, i.e. cleaning their hands and arms.

Scrubbing up well is perhaps unkindly said of people who generally look a bit of a mess or poorly groomed and then make an effort, particularly for a special occasion.


Britney can really scrub up well when she makes a bit of an effort. There’s a real beauty hidden beneath those shapeless grubby jeans she loves to wear.


Jon scrubs up well if he’s going out on a date.