Scrumptious, scrummy and scrumpy


Scrumptious is one of those words that sounds so nice, particularly as it means delicious. Perhaps it was more commonly used in the past than now but we still hear people talking about a cake or a dish being scrumptious.

Marge, your carrot cake is simply scrumptious.

The table for lunch was full of scrumptious tarts and pies.

Apparently, the word derives from sumptuous which means magnificent, lavish and expensive and can include non-food items like furnishings.

Scrumptious however seems to apply to food and those drinks that have a food-like quality such as smoothies or shakes. A simple juice or cocktail is less likely to be scrumptious. For me, that suggests a sense of volume or body in the food. Something scrumptious is food or drink you savour. It doesn’t just slip down.


An informal British version is Scrummy, which reminds us of Yummy. Scrummy would seem to be more limited to food than yummy which I have seen used to refer to people and feelings as well.


Scrumpy is a term for dry cider from the West of England.