I am of the belief that the universe sends us messages through names and what seems amusing or coincidental may have other readings.  That’s why we can get top sportsmen called Champion. Or De Gaulle as the President of France, formerly known as Gaul.  

So, the name on everyone’s lips is the winner of the US election this year: Donald Trump. Did you know the word trump is not just a surname but a word used in card games?

In an English deck of cards we have four suits, hearts and diamonds (the red ones) and clubs and spades (the black).  In many games, we have to choose one of these suits to be the leading suit. We then say that this suit is trumps.  In this round or until the rules of the game bring about a change, this suit has more power. Players who have cards in these suits can use them to beat higher cards of another suit. For example,  if diamonds are the trump cards, even if my opponents play kings and queens of other suits, my 4 of diamonds, let’s say, will defeat those cards.

I have tried to keep it simple, believe me!

What does this make me think of in relation to Donald Trump?

Well, firstly, he is like a trump card.  Maybe without the same political history of other candidates, he is coming in and winning because he is the card of the moment.   People want a change in the game and he is advocating that.  Such cards are very powerful and can alter the whole pattern of play.  Donald Trump (DT) is doing that.

There is a connection to the term wild card as well.  These can be like the joker and are substitute cards which can sometimes have a much bigger effect on the game than their real value. Again, DT is shaking up the traditional parties and policies a lot!

Trump cards also play out with luck and DT has undoubtedly been very lucky in his campaign.  With virtually no political background, he stormed to the Republican nomination with great ease, a combination of luck and knowing how to tell people what they want to hear.  And then he won the election against many predictions.

My final observation is the choice of his running mate, Mike Pence.  Not a common surname and as you will know pence is the plural of pennies.  The English once had two pence or tuppence, six pennies or sixpence and so on.  Words that we seldom here these days.

The combination Trump and Pence has a very Dickensian ring to it, it sounds like a law firm, with Trump being the noise (abbreviation of trumpet) and Pence looking after the money.  Let’s see if these aspects come out once they are inaugurated!