One of the many new words to be incorporated into English from the business world is the noun, a taser (or taser gun) and the verb, to taser someone or to be tasered. A taser is a stun gun produced by a company called Taser International. taser-gun

Of course, the gun acts by means of a laser which presumably accounts for the company name. So another case like Google and Whatsapp of a product name turning into a multi-form item of language.

They are in demand from armed forces like the police because this electroshock weapon can be less lethal than a conventional firearm when the police want to stop a criminal in action. Research shows, however, that they can cause death via the condition of “excited delirium”.

There is considerable debate about the police force’s alleged overuse of taser guns in their work.

 Last year 6 people were tasered in error by security guards in the city of Bajotierra.